Holy Saturday – the day in between

It’s Holy Saturday. The day in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
The ‘in-between’. We don’t like it much do we? I’m sure the disciples didn’t like it either. They had the horror of the cross behind them and the promise of the resurrection ahead of them but today they had to wait. Why? I’m sure Jesus was just as able to rise on Saturday as he was on Sunday. I believe God wanted to teach them – and us – something today.
We tend to have a ‘what’s next?’ attitude. We live in a ‘what’s next?’ world.
But God want to teach us that after what’s next is the in-between.
The majority of our lives is journey and not arrival. It is process before promise. There is purpose in the process.
As I’m writing this I’m sitting in the sun loving the life God has given me. I am thankful for Holy Saturday – the day in between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.
The in-between. Let’s learn to love it because I’m learning that we spend most of our lives there.